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How To Prepare Your Car For Towing? Tips From A Professional Towing Company In Sydney

Posted on 12th, November 19

There are many reasons why drivers might need Towing Services Sydney. Whether your vehicle has broken down, been involved in an accident or one of the most common reasons: you require Professional Vehicle Transport to a special event, a Reliable Towing Service can have many benefits. DIY Towing can very likely lead to wear and tear or even significant damage which is the last thing a driver wants when transporting their vehicle. With that in mind, your foremost Discount Towing Sydney service, 1st Choice Towing Sydney has put together some Top Tips to Prepare Your Car for Towing When You Require Vehicle Transportation.

Don’t Fill Your Car’s Fuel Tank Up Completely

At first glance, this may not seem like it makes any sense but, having a full tank of fuel can be detrimental to the transportation of your vehicle. A full fuel tank will add extra weight to your vehicle’s towing journey and can be especially detrimental when the Tow Truck is carrying multiple vehicles. By not filling up your fuel tank all the way, you ensure a smoother and less complicated journey for your vehicle, the tow truck and any other cars being transported.

Be Aware Of & Record Any Existing Damage On Your Vehicle Before It Is Transported

It’s important to take photos of your vehicle before transportation so that you can keep a record of its condition. This is especially so if there is already pre-existing damage such as scratches and dents. Taking photos will help determine if any new damage has been inflicted on your car during its transportation. This is highly unlikely with reputable Towing Companies like 1st Choice Towing Sydney whose Advanced Tow Trucks (including Tilt Tray Tow Trucks) can transport vehicles safely, securely and without strain or damage.

Remove All Valuables from Your Car

It’s recommended that you remove any valuables from your vehicle. This is because Professional Towing Companies are not legally responsible for items unrelated to your vehicle when they transport your car. Removing items will also prevent theft or any damage to your valuables. On top of this, anything remaining in your car – especially heavier items – will add to the weight of your car and can affect its transportation.

Plan Ahead of Time

It’s important that you don’t find transportation for your vehicle at the last minute. This will make sure that there are no complications and help you map out everything efficiently. This will also allow you to find a highly reliable Car Towing service like 1st Choice Towing Sydney. Even if it’s an accident or breakdown towing and you were not prepared for it, having a reliable towing service provider’s number on speed dial will help you handle the situation in a calm and composed manner.

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