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What Are The Rules and Regulations That Apply For Accident Towing In Sydney, NSW?

Posted on 03th, July 19

The one thing you don’t do when you’re running an Emergency Towing Service Sydney breaks the rules.

Towing a Car may look easy, but it isn’t. Rules apply and these rules are set by The New South Wales Department of Fair Trading.

Firstly, if you have an accident on the Great Western Highway or any of Sydney’s Motorways, you are FREE to organise your own Towing Service – if:

  • The collision has no injuries or fatalities attached to it
  • No one is under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Exchange Your License Details

What you must do prior to organising your vehicle to being towed away is exchange your license details with the person whose vehicle you have collided with.

It is better for you to organise a Towing Service for your vehicle, yourself as if you don’t, the RTA will provide you with their towing service– and bill you a sum that you may not agree is fair.

The Rules For Towing Services Exist To Keep You Safe

  • You can only tow one vehicle at a time
  • You cannot have anyone – pet or person – ride in a vehicle while it is being towed
  • You should keep a safe distance of at least 60 meters from heavy vehicles and motorbikes
  • Your vehicle must be secured firmly with professional Towing Equipment – not rope – this can fray and break easily
  • Drive slow – avoid speeding and overtaking – they are dangerous when you are towing a vehicle
  • Before taking a corner, or bend, slow down – the weight of the car you are towing can change the dynamics of pressure very suddenly – this can cause your vehicle’s axels to break and send the towed vehicle flying – causing great danger to other vehicles or pedestrians on the street
  • Rest if you are tired or fatigued
  • Stay within the speed limits at all times- under them, if possible
  • Drivers with L plates are not permitted to tow vehicles
  • If you hold a P1 license, you may tow small trailers up to $250 kg in weight

Does it pay to use a professional towing service?
Yes, if you are caught towing a vehicle without the right equipment, you will be stopped by New South Wales Police and fined.

Worse, your vehicle could spiral out of control and you could have an accident in which you and many others could be injured.

Keep yourself – and your fellow drivers and pedestrians safe
Use a Professional Towing Service like Towing Sydney who understands Road Rules as they relate to Towing Vehicles and sticks to them.

It’s always fancy breaking rules but when you break the rules or even bend them, you endanger what is most precious to us all.

Hire a Professional Towing Service like Towing Sydney
It will keep you your family and your fellow drivers and pedestrians safe.

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