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Factors Leading to Driving Accidents in Sydney

Posted on 16th, October 17

Sydney is a highly populated city and tends to have massive traffic. Due to the massive load of traffic can accidents tend to be a common occurrence in Sydney. Automobile accidents are very costly in terms of damage to vehicles, injuries or deaths. Car accidents are one of the major social issues in terms of cost to society and potential loss of life. Accidents don’t really happen out of the blue but a result of cause and effect and some of the most common causes are;

Drunk driving

One of the principal causes of accidents in Sydney is due to drinking driving. Driving while being under the influence of alcohol puts the driver and everyone around them at risk. Alcohol tends to diminish reflexes. The brain takes longer than usual to send messages to the body. Therefore the simple task of turning corners can be dangerous and since it impairs judgments making a person more aggressive and take more risks. Also, alcohol impairs vision which tends to result in more expensive.


Speeding is also a common cause of accidents. Despite the stick laws to increase awareness the problem still persists. Many drivers are either ignorant or just simply fail to comply with speed limits. in the haste to get to laces faster, drivers ignore speed limits. Faster the car more time will it take for the car to stop and the greater will be the impact.


Driving while be sleeping is highly risky. You will be surprised to know that accidents due to drivers falling asleep are surprisingly very high. It is therefore advised to be well-rested before a long drive to avoid any unfortunate events at the wheel.

Lack of attention

Driving will need your complete attention. If you are not paying complete attention while driving or are distracted by something you are risking an accident. Even if there is a distraction for a split second can lead to an accident. Some of the common distractions are mobile phones, changing the stereo and interacting with fellow passengers.


The weather has also become one of the leading causes of accidents. We as individuals have no control over the weather but can avoid it by being careful and alert. Weather conditions like rain can obscure and make it harder to stop in time. Sometimes it may be difficult to avoid bad weather but one must take all the precautions to ensure safety, by abiding by laws and using common sense.

Important FAQs – Towing Sydney

Towing in Sydney

  1. Why is drunk driving a significant cause of accidents in Sydney?
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol impairs reflexes, judgment, and vision, increasing the risk of accidents.
  2. What makes speeding a common cause of accidents despite efforts to enforce speed limits?
    • Speeding reduces reaction time and increases the impact force in accidents, contributing to their severity.
  3. How does sleepiness contribute to the high rate of accidents among drivers?
    • Fatigue can impair cognitive function and increase the likelihood of falling asleep at the wheel, leading to accidents.
  4. Why is lack of attention while driving a significant risk factor for accidents?
    • Any distraction, such as mobile phone use or interacting with passengers, diverts attention from driving and increases the chance of accidents.
  5. What role does weather play in causing accidents, and how can drivers mitigate this risk?
    • Adverse weather conditions like rain reduce visibility and increase stopping distance, requiring drivers to be cautious and follow traffic laws.
  6. Why is it essential to contact a reliable towing service like Towing Sydney after an accident?
    • A reliable towing service ensures prompt assistance and safe removal of vehicles from accident scenes, minimizing disruption and ensuring safety.

However, if you do get stranded in Sydney due to an accident or any other reason please feel FREE to contact Towing Sydney on 0410516161  for reliable towing services.