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Can I Sell My Car Without A Roadworthy Certification Or Registration?

Posted on 19th, July 21

Selling your old car as a beginner can be overwhelming. Searching for the perfect dealer for your car can drown your energy. Hundreds of dealers in Sydney would promise you serious cash for your car but end up scamming you or ghosting you. On top of all of this, if your car has no roadworthy certificate or is out of registration, then selling off your car can be risky. All of this might seem tiring. However, it is not as complicated as it looks. You have to choose the perfect team to take care of your deal from the beginning to the end. You deserve the service by Towing Sydney because your car needs you to bag good dollars and hassle-free service. All of this can be in your zone of comfort with just one dial away at 0410 516 161.

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How to sell a car without roadworthy certification or registration?

  • At towing Sydney, we accept cars of all models, makes and sizes without any hesitation. So you don’t have to worry about not having a road-worthy certification or registration. 
  • Towing Sydney provides service the same day you fix the deal with us.
  • All the paperwork and other formalities are taken care of by the expert team of towing Sydney
  • Towing Sydney pays you top cash for the cash car service. The amount we provide is more than what anyone else would offer you. 

How to book an appointment for cash for car service with towing Sydney?

  • As we have mentioned above, our way of functioning is pretty smooth and easy. Just dial us at 0410 516 161 and from there our expert is in charge of asking you a few details about your car. 
  • After listening to all your car details, our expert will quote a rough estimate of the top cash that you would be receiving for your car. 
  • Suppose our quote suits your needs, then great! You can book an appointment on the same day or any other day with us. 
  • Our professional team will land at your assigned place and tow your car; after that, they will fill up all the formalities and transfer you all the money. 

So let’s fix the deal now. Call us on 0410 516 161.