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What To Do If Your Car Stalls In Heavy Traffic In Sydney?

Posted on 25th, June 19

It’s peak hour on the freeway. Everyone’s bumper to bumper, trying to get to their destination… and your car stalls. But don’t fret, Sydney’s Emergency Towing Service, Towing Sydney, has put together some tips on what to do if your car stalls in heavy traffic.

5 Things To Do If Your Car Breaks Down In The Middle of The Road

A car breaking down in the middle of traffic is a situation that can happen to anyone and will inherently bring stress and frustration. The key to getting out of the situation quickly and efficiently is to keep your cool and follow these steps.

Stay Calm

Most importantly – to keep yourself and others safe – stay calm. You don’t want to make any reckless decisions while stalled in the midst of heavy traffic.

Turn on Your Signals

Turning on your emergency flashers allows other motorists to know that your car is having issues and helps to prevent other vehicles from crashing into you from behind. It allows for other motorists to know to go around you rather than waiting behind you, thinking that you can speed up again at any moment.

If your car hasn’t completely stopped and you are able to pull over, turn on your indicators and carefully pull over to the side of the road as safely as possible.

Stay in Your Car

It is very important to stay in your car if your vehicle is in the middle of the road. It is far easier for other motorists to see your car with its emergency lights on than it is to see you standing on the road.

If you have pulled over to the side of the road, it is okay to step out and assess the situation if it is safe. The safest way is to exit through the passenger side doors or whichever side is furthest from the road.

Call An Emergency Towing Service Sydney

When calling for help it is important to contact a roadside professional who can safely aid in your situation. Calling a friend or family member for even minor jobs like replacing a tyre does not guarantee a safe repair.

A roadside professional like Towing Sydney can ensure that your vehicle is safely taken care of quickly and effectively.

Arrange for Your Car’s Removal from the Area

For minor issues, your car will be able to be fixed on the spot. However, if the car is in a dangerous location or its repairs will require more substantial efforts, it is important to not just leave your car where it is and arrange a professional Towing Service to transport it to somewhere safer.

If you are in Sydney, Towing Sydney can transport your vehicle to a quiet street, to your home, vehicle repair centre, Towing Sydney To Canberra Or anywhere.

Leaving your vehicle somewhere unlawful can bring you major finds and the longer you leave your vehicle somewhere in public, the more chance it will be broken into, so it is highly recommended you contact a Licensed Tow Truck Service like Towing Sydney.

Being in the unfortunate situation of having your car stalling in heavy traffic is never a good time – but follow these steps and you can rest assured that everything will be just fine.

For the Towing Experts that you can count on every time, contact Towing Sydney today at 0410 516 161