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Top 10 Questions to Ask a Towing Company in Sydney Before Hiring Them

Posted on 14th, February 20

When a breakdown occurs, leaving you stranded, you’ll likely be anxious about getting everything taken care of as quickly and safely as possible. Luckily, there are trusted 24 Hours Emergency Towing companies like Towing Sydney to get the job done as reliably as possible.

However, before using the services of any Car Towing business, it’s important to ask a few questions first to avoid any issues or unexpected costs!

1) Can I Get an Estimate of the Car Towing Cost?

Before agreeing to a Car Towing Service in Sydney, it’s important to get an estimate of the cost. Without this, you might find yourself having to unexpectedly pay higher than your average Towing fees.

2) Can I Get a Receipt?

It’s very important to get a receipt before your car is taken away. You want the business to be accountable and to have the whole transaction as transparent as possible.

3) What Types of Payments Do You Accept?

Some Towing Companies in Sydney only accept certain types of payments and cards. You should ask what type of payments they accept to avoid yourself getting in a pickle of not being able to pay them on the spot.

4) Can I See Your Towing License?

It’s important to see that a Towing Company is legitimate – the easiest way to do this is by asking to see their license. An authentic Sydney Tow Truck Company will happily provide you with this. It can be useful to ask for it, even if your driver was organized by your insurance company.

5) Are There Any Extra Costs?

Nobody wants to be surprised by hidden costs. Make things as clear as possible and ask if there are any other costs on top of the service fee and transportation costs.

6) Where Will My Car Be Towed To?

To avoid the hassle of calling up later, know exactly where your car is being towed to. You can also choose where you’d like your vehicle to be towed to, though after a certain distance there can be extra costs.

7) How Long Will It Take for the Towing Company to Reach Me?

The Towing Company will be able to give you a decent idea of when they might be arriving. All good Tow Truck companies will also message you when they’re nearby to prepare you for their arrival.

8) Will the Towing Service Work with My Vehicle Insurance Service Provider?

It’s always a good idea to see if the Towing Company will work with your insurance company – you never know how much of the cost can be taken off. At the very least, organizing them through your insurance provider can add an extra sense of security.

9) What Types of Vehicles Do You Tow?

Not all Towing Companies are equal. Businesses like Towing Sydney can handle a variety of vehicle types, sizes and conditions and even tow multiple vehicles at once.

10) Who Can I Call If I Have Any Questions?

To give yourself some peace of mind, it’s good to know who to call in case you want any more information while you’re waiting for your vehicle to be towed.

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