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How Much Does A Towing Fee Cost Sydney

Posted on 12th, December 17

Thousands of cars, utes, vans, trucks, 4wds and vans are towed all over Sydney. Towing fees can be expensive if you do not have roadside assistance and can be frustrating when you get stuck on the road. The fee can be different based on your circumstances. Accident tow or just break down and the location the cost differs.

How Much Will A Tow Cost In Sydney?

Some tow companies charge on average between $60 to $100 or higher depending on the vehicle and location.

How Much Does A Towing Fee Cost Sydney

What Services You Can Expect From Tow Company?

How To Get A Quote Or Price?

It is very simple to get a tow. We have outlined some simple processes to get a quote.

  • The call is it is urgent, look for a local towing company or a tow company that services or trucks parked near your area.
  • If not urgent you can send an email or enquire online. Most of the tow drivers do not check their emails, which means they can miss them. calling them directly is the best option to get a quick quote.