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How To Deal With A Breakdown While you’re In The Motorway

Posted on 23th, September 19

The worst thing that can happen to your car while you’re at the Motorway is a breakdown. If you’re on the Great Western Highway or a road that links Leura to Katoomba or Blackheath, traffic conditions can make things get really hot under the bonnet.

If your car is holding up traffic on the M4 or M5 or any Key Arterial Road that connects Sydney, the RTA may get involved and tow your car away for you.

Unfortunately, they won’t do it for FREE. The RTA Towing Charge to you will be $243 – at the minimum – a charge you can avoid if you give us a call soon enough at 1st Choice Towing Sydney.

Wherever You Are In The Motorway, We Are Only Minutes Away From You

Towing Sydney has trucks parked in the Motorway in case of emergency. We’ve deliberately set up a station here due to the volume of calls we get from people whose cars have broken down while driving the Motorway. You could be a Family out on a day trip or back from work. A backpacker or tourist is simply here to take in the sights and scenes. A couple looking for some R&R -a single person looking to get away from it all – if only for a day. If you need help, we’re here at Towing Sydney to give it to you.

Getting yourself a Tow? These are your rights and responsibilities

Your Rights

  • You decide where your vehicle will be towed
  • You decide who will tow your vehicle
  • You can contact anyone prior to signing the towing authorisation form for assistance on where you would like to tow the vehicle to (some contact numbers for insurers are provided on the towing authorisation form)
  • You can refuse to accept a tow for any reason (eg if the tow truck is not suitable)
  • You can receive a copy of the towing authorisation form from the tow truck driver that includes contact details for the tow truck operator who will be towing your vehicle
  • You can receive a quotation for the cost of the towing work from the tow truck driver

Your Responsibilities

  • As the owner/driver your main responsibility is to authorise the tow truck driver to tow your vehicle and report the accident to the NSW Police Force immediately. Make sure:
  • The location that you want your vehicle towed to is shown on the form and all other details are correct
  • You sign the Towing Authorisation form
  • The tow truck driver has completed all sections of the form and has also signed the form and provided you with a copy to keep
  • All of the costs involved are explained to you (tow fee, excess km, salvage, storage and the surcharge outside business hours).
  • If your vehicle is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, the towing fee may be covered in your claim. You should check with your insurance provider.
  • It is your right to choose who will tow the vehicle, where the vehicle will be towed, and to authorise the tow truck driver to tow your vehicle. If you’re unable to give this authorisation, a Police Officer or authorised officer will make the decision.


Rather be Towing than sorry?

Call us now at Towing Sydney, New South Wales. Just minutes from the Motorway, we will get you out of any jam you may find yourself in.