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Common Signs of Illegal Towing Services in Sydney

Posted on 16th, October 17

Illegal Towing practices are being practised pervasively by several Towing companies. Commonly known as “tow bandits”, or “bandits tow trucks”, they have been known for offering assistance in towing your car. These scammers will take advantage of your amiable character and offer assistance to repair your cars. All seems fine and mellow until they overcharge after you’ve signed the paperwork with your agreement to pay their colossal fees.

At Towing Sydney, we want you to be aware of such scammers. We have more than 20 years of experience in ‘Towing Business’, we know what our customers expect, and we try our best to fulfil their demands and expectations in quality Towing Services in Sydney, which is why we feel obligated to warn you against such frauds and give you some advice on how to avoid being their victim.

Outrageous Pricing for Towing in Sydney

A Tow Company should have a root fee for towing which may include the distance to be travelled and the cost of the driver’s time. Regardless of whether your car needs another strut, an extra tyre, or the car has overheated, the service should cost the same. It is the cost of repairs that might contrast and those confirmed by a professional registered mechanic upon inspection.

We, here at Towing Sydney, offer the best pricing along with top class service. Rogue Towing service providers also do not have trained and licensed drivers, this prompts issues where TOW TRUCKS are concerned. All our services are carried out by skilled professional mechanics. Towing Sydney prides itself on being among the absolute best at what we do and have experience and involvement to deal with any towing situations.

Bad reviews in regards to Towing services

In the situation where a car towing service offers you help in a moment of panic, be on the safe side and check the name of the business, the license plate and do a quick search on the internet. If it is a scam, someone must have already reported about them. If that is not the case, then you can call the main company line and speak to a company representative. As a provider of Car Towing and recovery services, we know the predicament you are in when it comes to needing an expert who is professional in the business. When you find yourself in Need of Towing service, we are the experts who provide you with safe and authentic transport.

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