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The Advantages of Tilt Tray Towing

Posted on 12th, November 19

Tilt tray towing services in Sydney have become increasingly popular. Towing Services Sydney believes that one of the most important reasons for their popularity is the ability of tilt tray trucks to lift a vehicle – entirely off the road.

Since the vehicle is no longer dragged by its front two wheels, the possibility of damage to its steering, or other moving parts, is greatly reduced.

Some towing services in Sydney allow you to hop a lift with their drivers

Tilt tray trucks usually come with comfortable 5 seat passenger cabs. So, frequently, people who’ve had a car breakdown on a busy motorway or key arterial road in Sydney can grab a ride with their tow truck service provider.

As a leader in towing services in Sydney, Towing Sydney has a fleet of tilt tray trucks and is always happy to give customers in distress a lift while they tow their vehicle to their home or a garage of their choice.

Will towing services in Sydney offer you discounts?

Sometimes, they will. It all depends on how busy they are. Some towing services will offer you discounts during off-peak hours – these are hours outside the 6 – 9 am rush hour in Sydney and the 5- 7 pm peak-hour drive home from work.

We cater to emergency towing service needs

Accidents can happen at any time – day or night. Well prepared for emergencies, Towing Services Sydney has multiple drivers on shift at all times. Because of this, we can send a driver to help you get your car back home – or to a garage – pretty quickly.

Towing Sydney’s tilt tray trucks save customers’ time

Tilt tray trucks don’t need to be maneuvered into position the way trucks used by standard towing services in Sydney to need to be.

The moment your tilt tray truck van arrives, your vehicle can be hoisted onto it in a few minutes.

You save time – and money – because of the speed with which the process is completed.

Towing Services that use tilt tray trucks are less likely to have accidents

When cars are towed with standard pickup trucks, their nose is hoisted up, using the hook and chain method. Because of this, the driver’s view of cars, buses, or trucks behind them is obstructed, so accidents can happen. To prevent accidents, do consider using the tilt tray trucks we offer.

Towing Sydney’s Promise to you:

  • Prompt service
  • Best prices guaranteed
  • Polite, courteous, uniformed drivers
  • 24 X 7 X 365 service
  • Free cab ride with us if you need it!

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We do regular alcohol and drug testing on our drivers – Towing Sydney is a Towing Service in Sydney with a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse.